Where The iPad Stands As A Graphic Tablet

Young creative businesswoman working on digital tablet while wearing headphones in the office

Graphics tablets and digital cameras are two of the biggest electronic gadgets of this century. Today, the iPad mini are among the most-requested tablets for schools, colleges, as well as home use.

Since the introduction of the iPad, Apple is increasing its market share at an amazing rate. It’s clear that this would not be the last and certainly not the last consumer gadget from Apple. Apple is also launching a new and more powerful version of the iPad, which will be released in early next year.

What makes the iPad a Graphic Tablet?

For students, it provides numerous features of other electronic devices. But more importantly, the iPad allows them to learn while using their iPad.

Imagine being able to “go book shopping” when it is your lunch break. With an interactive learning environment in the classroom, students can take notes, study through flashcards, and look up keywords on Google.

As an English teacher, I could not help but notice that my students use their iPad’s more often than a textbook. Students can answer online and see animations while doing so, and even find out what they have written about on a website.

In our school, we use the drawing tablet to do many things in the class. For example, a student will draw an illustration in class, and we will then turn it into a PDF file so that the student can have his or her own drawing room.

Differences between drawing tablets and iPad’s

The drawing tablet has some important advantages over the iPad. One of these is that the iPad cannot tell the difference between a pen and a finger.

While it may be true that the iPad can recognize different shapes and textures, the iPad cannot recognize that the student is using a pen. And because the iPad is a small device, the iPad cannot recognize the angle or the type of grip that the pen has.

The drawing tablet allows the student to see exactly what he or she is doing, and the iPad cannot. The iPad is much better for classroom use as a device that allows you to study while doing something else, such as taking notes or drawing something.

Then there is the convenience of the digital cameras: everyone can take pictures, regardless of their age. This is an advantage over digital cameras, as well.

So as technology continues to improve, a Graphic Tablet can be an incredibly useful device for many different applications. While the iPad is the perfect device for students and teachers, the future of the iPad is in the hands of children and teachers.