VoIP Communication

Whether your company consists of ten individuals in a small office or 50 people spread around the country, it is never too late to seriously consider switching over to a VoIP based phone system for you. A VoIP based telephone service can offer you and your staff amazing advantages at the workplace. There are so many different companies offering hosted VoIP services that you can easily find the right one that suits your needs perfectly. Some features that you should look out for when selecting a VoIP provider are:

Easy Calls – When you are in the office, you don’t have to deal with all of the technical requirements that come along with traditional phone systems. Your hosted voice service will allow you to place and receive calls just like an on-premise PBX. You can easily check on the voicemail and email, and even place conference calls from any location that has a broadband Internet connection. This makes it incredibly convenient to stay connected with clients and colleagues no matter where they may be located. You will also benefit from the low monthly service fees that are associated with hosted voice services.

Ease of Use – Hosted PBX systems are extremely user friendly.

You will be able to call and get calls answered quickly. If you are looking for assistance with routing, setting up VoIP networks, or troubleshooting your connection, you can simply contact your hosting provider for help. Unlike an on-premise business phone system, you will not need to have a technical support representative look over your shoulder when you experience problems. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and you will be able to receive calls and manage your phone from any location that has a high speed Internet connection.

Avoid Long-Distance Bills – Most businesses want to minimize their expenses, but there are times when long-distance phone calls will still cost more than preferred. With a hosted voice phone service, you can avoid extra costs such as long distance charges by connecting your phone lines to your office network. Your business lines will work just like they do now, sending and receiving calls. However, your residential lines will use the Internet to send and receive calls instead of traditional phone lines.

No More missed Calls – If you were to use a traditional PBX system, you would likely get calls in the middle of the night when no one was expecting to receive them. This could result in a high bill. However, with a hosted voice phone service, you will never miss a single phone call. Even when your VoIP service is down, your residential lines will continue to send and receive calls.

Open Source Software – A great advantage of a hosted VoIP phone system is that you will not be bound by any set guidelines. As long as you implement standards such as OTC VoIP or IP Telephony, you will have a free rein for customizing your service to meet your specific needs. You can tailor your plans and features according to your particular requirements. If you think you might want to integrate video into your calling process, you can do so easily. If you want to add an online interface, you can easily integrate it into the process too.

VoIP Security

Even though hosted pbx systems provide a cost-effective way of making calls, they also pose a significant risk to your telecommunications network. Any person using VoIP technology can access your system and change how it operates. Therefore, you should implement stringent security measures such as firewalls and internet connections to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

Hosted PBX – If you are satisfied with the performance of your on-premise pbx solution, you may wish to consider switching your service to a hosted PBX solution. Unlike on-premise pbx solutions, hosted PBX offers a number of additional features.

  • You can take advantage of call recording features and other advanced features that are only available to hosted pbx services.
  • In addition to all these advantages however, a hosted phone system will provide you with the opportunity to save considerable money.
  • You will only need to make monthly service payments for the extra value that you enjoy.