How can I contact you?
Click on the Contact Us button in the main menu Email is the most efficient way of communication. It is documented and we can refer to it later. Please email us before you call & remember to leave your order # in your message. We are in & our of the office during the week & have an automated voice mail system at 206-333-0101. Please wait until the end of the automated voice message & you will be able to leave your message at the tone. We check email all day during the week 9am-5PM EST Monday through Friday. Make sure to be clear in your email as to what you are looking for, questions you may have etc. If leaving a voice mail, please leave an email address clearly spelled out & your phone number including area code.
How much is shipping … to my house/work?
It depends on where you are located. Make sure to include your FULL shipping address when asking about rates. PLEASE use the shopping cart cart to calculate the rate. You will be given choices for shipping before any CC information is required. We do not ship to PO Boxes unless prior arrangement is made.
When will my order ship?
Techexcess is open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EST. We do not ship on Holidays! We ship Monday through Friday until 2:30 pm. Your order may take 0(same day)-3 business days to ship. WE DO NOT SHIP TO PO BOXES – NO EXCEPTIONS. If there is any problem with your order, we will contact you with any questions.
How can I get tech support?
Most items come with Free tech support direct from the manufacturer. Please check with the company who put their name on it. Email us BEFORE you call and please give us at least 24 hours (M-F) to respond.
Do you “sell” my name or address information?
Techexcess takes pride in protecting our customer’s privacy by not selling our mailing list or email list. You can feel safe knowing your name will not be entered into a barrage of data bases when you do business with us.
Why isn’t there a Secure Lock on every page?
SSL is used ONLY when needed. It ties up server resources and would be foolish to have SSL on every page making it gruelingly slow. Our site is secure with 1024 bit encryption with a Comodo Class 3 Security Services. Your transaction is secure on our site. Email us with any questions.
I emailed you but haven’t received a reply!
We answer emails Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM, Eastern Standard Time, during business hours. Please expect a reply time of about 24-48 hours during business hours, or 48-72 during busy holiday times. No emails are answered on days we are not open, and we’re not open Sat & Sun,or on Holidays. If your email address is INVALID, we will reply as normal, however we can not track bounced messages. Email is the preferred method of contact. If YOU HAVE A SPAM FILTER of ANY kind, please note to look in your discarded mail folder for our replies, Auto-generated emails, or emails sent on behalf of Techexcess from services such as shipping companies, paypal, etc. These emails may be filtered into your JUNK folder. Techexcess does it’s dudiligence to send emails & has great communication during business hours, so if you’re not receiving replies, please look to your spam filter, junk folder, or spam service & you may find our emails! 🙂 If these steps do not resolve your issue, please leave your name, order #, 10-digit phone # & brief description of the issue by calling 206-333-0101, our voice mail which is available 24 hrs a day. We will get back to you during business hours.
Does “xyz” Port replicator work with my unit?
If the information is Not listed in our ad, please contact the manufacturer for direct product compatibility. First, make sure you have a PORT for a port replicator on your model laptop. If you do not have one, you can not dock your laptop to a port replicator. We list in the ad all we know and will not be held responsible if the unit you buy doesn’t list your unit in the ad and then doesn’t work.
What’s the Difference between USB 2.0 & usb 1.1?
Basically, USB 2.0 includes everything that USB 1.1 offers BUT USB2.0 adds a higher-speed mode, which runs at 480Mbps. USB 1.1 supports two speed modes: 1.5 and 12Mbps whereas USB 2.0 has three of them: 1.5, 12 and 480Mbps. USB 2.0 also uses the same USB 1.1 compliant cables to connect high-speed devices. However, classic USB hubs will slow down USB 2.0 devices. In addition, a USB 2.0 host controller is required to enable the high-speed connection with a USB 2.0 device. USB 2.0 hubs are now given a lot more work to do than USB 1.1 as they need to handle all the traffic from three different speed mode devices. Plugging a USB 1.1 device to a USB 2.0 hub is okay, but connecting a USB 2.0 device to a USB 1.1 hub is prohibited.
USB 2.0 VS 1.1 Expample of Hardware & speeds
The hardware here is what controls the speed of the USB device. USB speeds work to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR between two devices. For example, If you have USB 2.0 on your system, when you connect another external 2.0 device to it, such as a usb 2.0 hard drive, it will remain at the 2.0 speed. Alternatively if you have a USB 2.o port on your computer system, and you connect a 1.1 device to the port, the speed will be clocked down to usb 1.1. For example, If you only have usb 1.1 on your computer system, this will limit the speed of any external device, such as a hard drive down to the 1.1 speed. Any USB 2.0 device will be backwards compatible to the 1.1 speed, and will clock down to the 1.1 you have on your system. Any 1.1 device can only maintain at the 1.1 speed & can not be upgraded to 2.0 as it’s max speed is 1.1. If you have any questions, please email!
My Wireless keyboard & mouse are not connecting:
When you install the device, following the included HP instructions to the letter, the mouse and keyboard will not respond properly, or will power off after a few seconds. You have to activate the keyboard and mouse by pressing the activate button on the underside of each device, not briefly as described in the HP instructions, but for a full 5 second hold and release. Then everything is just fine. If this doesn’t help. please contact HP at 1-800HPINVENT. Many issues are solved quickly over the phone. Any issues with HP, email us ( with your case number (starts with a #7).
What does OEM mean?
OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM product is generally one that was sold to a large equipment manufacturer, for example Dell. FOR EXAMPLE, If Microsoft sold Dell 15,000 licenses for Windows 98, then a few months later released Windows ME, Dell could turn around and sell those Windows 98 licenses as OEM licenses to customers such as yourself. However, Microsoft wouldn’t have sent Dell 15,000 retail boxes for Windows–they would have sent them a few CD copies of the program and 15,000 paper licenses. Dell would have permission to reproduce the program as long as they had licenses remaining. So when you buy OEM software, you generally only get a CD and a license. Sometimes you will get some documentation, but you will never get the box that the product would be in if you saw it in a local store. However, purchasing OEM units without the “pretty box” ensure’s you’re getting the SAME item, usually saving considerably on the purchase price because you’re not paying for a “pretty retail box”. 🙂
We describe our items in NEW, OPEN BOX, B-stock, OEM, RETAIL, BROWN-BOX, etc. If you see a description that doesn’t match these & you have questions, please email us BEFORE you bid. Once you place a bid, your bid is a contract to purchase the item.
A NEW item constitutes a new, unused, item that is NOT a refurb!
A OPEN BOX item is an item that we received, we open, inspect for all items, we test, if 100%, we put back into the box & label as an “open boxed” unit. Item still maintains full MFG warranty.
A B-stock unit is a “blemished” unit that has cosmetic issues, but has otherwise passed a test to be “functioning perfectly”, but simply has minor blemishes such as a scuff, scratch, ding, dent, etc all usually MINOR items. With B-stock items, we usually wait until we have more than one unit before we post so we can not take a picture of each individual item or it’s blemish, however we’re sure you’ll be pleased as they’re MINOR & the unit will have tested 100% functional & maintains full MFG warranty.
OEM stands for “ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER” which is a common term in the computer business for items purchased in BULK which saves $ in packing materials & therefore we can pass the savings onto you- for example, cd-rom’s are purchased in a case of 10 & are less cost than retail, single boxed units as they do not cost as much to ship, store, etc & therefore we can pass the savings onto you!
RETAIL means it’s in a retail box.
BROWN BOX is another way to save money- it’s packed in a brown box, ready to be shipped & costs less simply for the fact that it’s not in a retail, colorful packaging which costs much more than a simple brown box – so we also pass the savings onto you!
I’m INTERNATIONAL – Can I buy on your website?
READ THIS IN IT’S ENTIRETY! If you do not agree, please do not place an order.
SHIPPING INTENATIONAL: Your shipping AMOUNT will be determined AFTER you place your order- we ship intenationally via USPS GLOBAL, insured & buyer is responsible for claims with USPS. We will send a paypal request for the additional shipping required. We quote shipping & send invoices only during business hours.
INt’l DUTIES/TAXES/FEES.ETC We only quote shipping&handling;, which we do not include duties, taxes, etc- this is the buyer’s responsibility & it’s different for each country worldwide. We can not calculate these import fees, nor will we ever PREPAY them & they are fully the buyer/receipient’s responsibility.
CREDIT CARDS – SORRY! We can not process international (for locations outside of the USA) credit cards at this time. APO’s Should be FINE as long as the billing address is a MATCH & your shipping will be calculated later as we MUST ship military mail & we only ship PRIORITY USPS – we will auto-charge your card for the shipping once we calculate it (when we’re open M-F 9am-5PM EST).
PAYPAL: WE take PAYPAL only for limited countries with strict restrictions. If you have BOTH a VERIFIED paypal member status & a CONFIRMED address & you’re in the UK, CANADA or Puerto Rico (only countries that can be CONFIRMED), we will accept if you meet this STRICT criteria. If you’re NOT BOTH CONFIRMED & VERIFIED, Your payment will be refunded & your order canceled. Sorry- but there are too many abusers of the “system” out there & we have VERY strict guidelines for paypal due to paypal’s seller protection policy (see paypal’s help section for more information). If you do not agree with these terms, then please do not place an order.
THIRD PARTY SHIPPING3rd party address- an address different from your home address, which is also possible, following terms for 3rd party shipping from an international buyer. It’s also possible to have an item shipped to a different address when buyer is international, ONLY when payment is by MONEY ORDER ONLY (regardless if you’re within the USA or not) & money order must be in US FUNDS, and be either a certified INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER or a US POSTAL money order. We have very strict terms for 3rd party shipping & international sales & only accept those TWO above mentioned payment methods which are both CERTIFIED FUNDS.
What is the $2.50 handling charge for?
Flat rate Handling fee (PER ORDER, not per item): There is a flat rate handling fee of $2.50 charge for each order to cover supplies, tape, boxes, etc. which all cost money, not to mention the person picking & packing your order carefully. To ensure your package gets there & is padded properly for shipment, it’s necessary to pay this flat rate fee, which we charge PER ORDER & not PER ITEM like many other sites. PLEASE REMEMBER, we PASS ON our UPS shipping DISCOUNT to you, instead of charging you regular retail UPS rates. We do have the lowest prices & great discounts on shipping, so this is a meager fee we charge to cover costs – we’re already trying to do the best we can to pass on all savings!
You’re also SHOPPING TAX FREE! – That’s right! We are in TAX FREE NEW HAMPSHIRE! Enjoy the benefits of a TAX FREE STATE! So really, what’s a few pennies for handling? Thanks for being our customer!

My shipping is more expensive this month than in AUG 2005- why?
ALL Shipping companies we deal with have issued warnings SEPT 1, 2005, regarding shipping rate increases due to the cost of auto fuel increases & the airplance fuel increase of 60% in pricing, which raises operation costs, which raises the bottom line- shipping rates worldwide.
This is not only UPS, but ALL companies, including DHL and FEDEX also are imposing these rates. We double checked & once again, UPS’s rates are better with better service. We do our best for our customers by passing on OUR BOTTOM LINE & only adding that $2.50 handling fee PER ORDER to maintain low shipping rates.