About Us

Hello there! We have an extensive background from an extensive hardware base to many levels of software. We’ve been dealing with computers and components for years now, and we’ve recently teamed up and created TECHEXCESS, LLC!

We’re very excited about the newest in technology, and keep up to date with new hardware and software applications from the home computer to large scale company networking. We look forward to talking to our customers in person & seeing them at the computer shows. We aid them in order to make the right choice for what matches their needs.

We’re all about customer service, and making sure to exceed you’re expectations. Just check out our feedback on ebay to see what kind of service we offer!

We do a LOT of business on ebay and pride ourselves on our excellent feedback, and customer service. When emailing us, you will usually receive a response in 24 hours! Usually it’s much less, but take into consideration that we do many computer shows on the weekend and sometimes things get very busy!

All in all, we ourselves are always searching for those incredible deals so that we can pass the savings on to you, the end user, and our great and growing customer base. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on ebay, our website, or even at the show, PLEASE email us! We can usually find even the most HIGH END equiptment, at great discounts, and we do go the extra mile in searching for what you’re looking for. If we can’t get it, we usually know the best place to get it, for the best price and will gladly forward the business!

Thank you for your support!