Return Policy

We are a warehouse operation, and we save by having a lower overhead. We PASS THE SAVINGS ONTO YOU directly by offering some of the lowest prices in the country or even the world on our inventory items available for sale. We do not post all of our items as inventory turnover is frequent, so if you do not find it on our site, please ask, and we may have it in stock and ready for shipment. specializes in wholesale OEM and retail products. All products are shipped working and insured for Delivery. All items are sold As-is and covered under direct manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise noted. We sell our items at deep discount pricing and target customers who know what they want. Please do not purchase an item if you are unsure if it will work with your system. Email us first before you buy to ensure a positive buying experience.

If you are having difficulty with your product, email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours or less M-F.

  • Limited 10 day return policy on items purchased direct through our website, phone order, or online direct sale. Store credit or swap out is our call.  If Party wishes to return non-used working merchandise, Excluding software purchases, a 15% restocking fee applies as per additional terms below. This limited 10 day return does not apply to damage in shipping, Service required as a result of improper installation; Damage (including cosmetic damage), failure, loss or personal injury due to misuse, abuse, negligence, improper maintenance or storage, or to acts of nature or other causes beyond Techexcess‘s control; Repair or replacement of warranted parts by other than Techexcess; Product where the original factory serial numbers have been removed, defaced, or changed in any way; Product sold and labeled as “as is, where is” or similar disclaimer The costs of repair or replacement under these excluded circumstances are borne by the consumer. Techexcess does not cover any RMA or return shipping charges for any package being returned to Techexcess.
  • 3rd Party Sites: Ebay is a 3rd Party Site, and each ad carries it’s own terms and conditions, also, Ebay Sales are as-is, no warranty from us, but the manufacturer only. In the case we make exception for ebay items, they carry a 20% restock fee & shipping & handling is nonrefundable. .  Pricegrabber is a 3rd party site which carries heavy fees of 8%, and any return for any reason is shipping non-refundable, and 23% restocking fee (our 15% restocking fee + 8% lost to pricegrabber). carries heavy fees and any return for any reason is shipping non-refundable and 20% restocking fee.  If any 3rd party site item is returned outside of a 7 day window from date of RMA# issue, then item will accrue an additional 5% restocking fee for each additional 7 day period for item to be returned.  If on any 3rd party purchase, if our company extends a “shipping upgrade”, and the buyer wishes to return the item for any reason, the actual original shipping amount is non-refundable and upgrade is no longer valid unless buyer keeps the item.  Any return on an upgraded shipped item, the original actual cost of shipment is non refundable.
  • Computer show issues, please email Terms are as printed on the receipt. Terms are 10 day return, no cash returns (store credit or swap out is our call)
    • contact within 10 days is pertinent in order for us to take action.
  • All products are guaranteed NON DOA unless specifically mentioned in the item description. Manufacturer technical support & troubleshooting MUST BE MET PRIOR TO “DOA” status being redeemed.  We reserve the right to test item on any granted RMA return to test if working. 
  • All items sold at computer shows have a 10 day return on defective merchandise.
  • Items sold on ebay have return/warranty information in the ad. Each case is different depending on the item.
  • 15% restocking fee on ALL working returned merchandise returned within 10 days of receipt, purcahsed at  (NO EXCEPTIONS – MAKE SURE YOU BUY WHAT YOU NEED)
  • Ebay auction items will be dealt with as per the ad instructions. All items posted on ebay carry no warranty through us. We will accept minimal tech support, but we usually suggest to go to the manufacturer for support if we are unable to answer your questions. The manufacturer’s support case id must be provided to us for us to assist you in warranty support.
  • Our terms of return is:
    • contact us PRIOR TO RETURN, for an RMA# AUTHORIZATION< all non-rma items will be returned unopened to sender if RMA is not on the front of the package. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
    • IF YOU ORDER THE WRONG QTY OR PART #, you will be subject to a 15% restocking fee for the item. 
    • If you return working product, there is a 15% restocking fee.
      • If you return product in POOR PACKAGING, AND THE ITEM IS DOA, WE CAN NOT replace the item.
      • We will return the item to sender and there will be NO REFUND GIVEN DUE TO POOR PACKING MATERIALS. 
    • If the item is lost or physically damaged upon return, we can not issue a refund, and item will be returned to sender with NO REFUND given. You are responsible for the packaging and item’s well-being until it’s return is accepted and approved. It is your responsibility to insure a return in case of lost, stolen, or damaged items. With insurance, you will be able to retrieve your item’s value per the insured value with the carrier you used. At this point, Techexcess, llc can not be held responsible for your inaction to insure the item being returned, or your inability to properly package the item for it’s safe return. ALL ITEMS returned must be padded 1 inch around all sides of the item, and in the case of circuit board return such as a video card, we ask that you send these items padded 1 inch all around, and inside a corrugated cardboard box. If via mail order, We ask that you use the original packaging to send back items approved for RMA return. DAMAGED ITEM CLAIM WINDOW : THERE IS A STRICT 10 day limit from date of arrival/possession of the item to report any damage to the item in shipping, or any defect. We need the necessary amount of time to report damage to fedex/UPS for a claim, or to hold another item for you. Fedex/UPS Claims take 3-5 weeks to resolve. If there is damage to the box upon arrival, it is asked if possible to send a digital photograph of the damage, which helps expedite the claims process with fedex/UPS. We MUST have 10 days to set aside another item for your replacement, and to initiate a claim with fedex/UPS. We will initiate a call tag return in which Fedex/UPS inspects the damage to the claimed damaged item. They use this process to help approve or deny claims to damage during shipping. We must hold onto your replacement item until the original is back in our possession, and once the original is received from fedex/UPS carrier inspection, we will them send out the replacement item. More details will be provided later, upon necessary claim process.
  • Unauthorized returns or refused packages will be issued a proper restock fee (for “where” it was purchased, see above 3rd party site info & info), and ALL shipping & handling is nonrefundable.  If package is refused “ALL shipping” includes cost of return shipping; no exceptions.
  • Damages in shipping: If an item is damaged in shipping, then you MUST notify Techexcess within 3 business days of receipt of your item in writing via FAX or EMAIL & MUST include tracking number of package, and original purchase information or copy of receipt.  If item was shipped via FedEx, the claims process take 4-6 weeks to resolve.  If shipped via FedEx, it may be necessary to have the item picked up for inspection by FedEx, which you MUST save all original packaging materials, email us within 8 days with a description of the damage to the item as well as a description of the outer materials (holes, rips, crushing, etc) as this information is necessary to complete any claims with Fedex/UPS.  Depending on availability of item, Techexcess reserves the right to wait for claims process to complete before taking any further action.  If item is shipped via USPS, under any circumstances, you, the buyer, will be solely responsible for any and all application and redemption of any claim with usps directly.